Taming Of Dorthy, The

2053. THE TAMING Of DOROTHY (1950-England). With jean kent, robert beatty, margaret rutherford. A funny farce which tells the story Of Leo Americano, a hard-as-nails gangster who hails from the United States and has settled in Naples. One day, Leo discovers his lookalike: Antonio Pellegrini, a humble bank teller who is constantly being picked on by his overÂbearing English-born wife. She is the Dorothy Of the title and she constantly complains that Antonio is unglamorous and underpaid. Before her marriage, Dorothy had figured she was going to wed an amorous Latin. Their five-year-old son is a brat. He also must put up with the peccadilloes Of his in-Âlaw’s, who have just arrived for a visit. Antonio’s father-in-law is a twit while his mother-in-law (excelÂlently played by Margaret Rutherford) is stuffy and easily incensed. In classic mother-in-law-as-battle axe fashion, she constantly harps on the fact that her dear daughter is wed to a “foreigner.” Meanwhile, Leo has lately been feuding with a rival and it would help his cause for him to go incogÂnito. The slapstick begins when Leo’s underlings instigate a plot to extort money from the unassuming Antonio, It won’t be long before the mobster is impersonating the bank clerk, and Dorothy is sure to end up with more excitement than she can handle. Watch the film’s opening credits and you will note that the director Of photography is none other than famed cult horror/science fiction filmmaker MARIO BAVA. 70 minutes. Comedy