Teenage Wolfpack

2107. TEENAGE WOLFPACK (1957-Germany). WITH henry bookholt (Horst Buchholz), KARIN BAAL. Back in the mid-1950’s, movies featuring restless young people at odds with their elders and all authority became popular in America. However, not all were American-made. This penetrating character study was filmed in Germany and it features a rawness and sexual tension not to be found in similar, U.S. produced films. It’s the story of Freddy, an alienated and angst-ridden young hooligan. Freddy is the leader of a small gang of adolescent thugs. At first their mischief is minor. They harass girls at swimming pools. They steal watches. They shoot off guns. They bully the weak and generally flaunt authority. Freddy’s credo is to the point: “A man’s gotta be cold-blooded. It makes you efficient.” The crux of the story spotlights his cooking up a big-time scheme to pull off an armored truck heist. Then there is his complex relationships with the two people to whom he is closest: his less-than-willing kid brother, whom he desires to enter the criminal life; and his seducÂtive girlfriend, who constantly feels neglected but who proves to have nerves of steel. The result is a cutting and cautionary tale of contemporary youth gone wild. Dubbed into English. 90 minutes. Teen-Age Drama