Tell-Tale Heart, The; Hidden Room Of 1,000 Horrors, The

2559. THE TELL-TALE HEART (The Hidden Room Of 1,000 Horrors) (1962-England). With LAURENCE PAYNE, ADRIENNE CORRI. Based on the story by EDGAR ALLAN POE. Here is a tension-charged psychological thriller from the pen of that master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. As the story opens, Poe himself is depicted as a crazed soul, ravaged by mysterious and deeply hidden demons. He fantasizes that he is Edgar Marsh, a lonely librarian who lives alone in a large house. Marsh is a painfully shy man who at once lusts after and is petrified by women. He becomes obsessed with his new neighbor, an attractive florist’s assistant named Betty Clare. Marsh longingly peers at her through her window as she combs her hair or undresses. He awkwardly attempts to initiate a relationship with her. She agrees to a date with him, and soon he is thinking about her with his heart rather than with his head. Marsh introduces Betty to his best friend, the charming and handsome Carl Loomis. Betty immediately is attracted to Carl. However, in Marsh’s warped mind, he already has himself married to Betty and living in eternal bliss. How will he react after Betty repels his advances one evening, and then he spies her in Carl’s arms? Plenty of chills and thrills await you as this eerie chiller draws to a shocking and surprising climax. 79 minutes. Horror