1205. TEMPEST (1928-u5a). With JOHN BARRYMORE, CAMILLA HORN, LOUIS WOLHEIM. A stirring impresÂsively mounted tale of passion, ambition and honor, set amid the turmoil and bloodshed of the Russian Revolution. John Barrymore, The Great Profile, stars as Sgt. Ivan Markov, a peasant serving in the Russian imperial Army imÂmediately prior lo the Revolution. He has desired for a decade to move up in the ranks, but his background has kept him back. On the day in which he’s finally recommended for his promotion, he meets the proud, aristocratic PrinÂcess Tamara (lovely Camilla Horn). There’s an instant chemistry between the pair, which the princess initially deÂnies. She chides Markov for his origins and eventually betrays him, which results in his arrest and imprisonment. Meanwhile, the flames of discontent among the masses have been igniting, and the Revolution finally arrives. MarÂkov is liberated from solitary confinement, and becomes one of the peoples’ leaders, while the princess is now huÂmiliated and jailed. However, despite her treatment of him, Markov’s love for her remains as alive and vibrant as ever. Among the high points: sweeping camerawork; exquisite production design; a nifty performance by Louis Wolheim as Markov’s ever-loyal friend, Sgt. Bulba; and a predictably magnificent portrayal by Barrymore. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 148 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama