Temptress, The

2645. THE TEMPTRESS (1949-England). Dr. Leroy is a steadfastly dedicated researcher who is obsessed with finding a cure for infantile paralysis. His work had been interrupted by World War II, at which point he became a military doctor. Now the war is over. He settles in France near Cannes, but does not have the money that will allow him to continue his life’s work. Instead, he earns his keep as a general practitioner and seff- described “peddler of pills and tonics.” Dr. Leroy takes the case of the wealthy Sir Charles Clifford, who is afflicted with paralysis. Sir Charles’ physical deterioration is but one of his difficulties. He is constantly bickering with his wife Elaine, the second Lady Clifford. She is a grossly extravagant and self-absorbed shrew whose sole interest in life is gambling away Sir Charles’ fortune and carrying on affairs with other men. After being made aware of Dr. Leroy’s financial constraints, Lady Clifford tempts him with a nefarious proposition. First, he will murder Sir Charles. This will enable her to inherit his fortune, which she will share with the doctor. “He has lived his life and I want to live mine in my own way,” Lady Clifford selfishly declares. Add to the mix Sir Charles’ loving and devoted son Derek (by his first marriage) and the pretty and cheerful nurse who looks after the intended victim, and the result is a thriller that is at once scintillating and mightily suspenseful. Crime Mystery Suspense