Ten Laps To Go

1617. TEN LAPS TO GO (1938-usa). WITH rex lease, muriel evans, duncan renaldo, marie prevost, yakima canutt. Directed by elmer clifton. Act ion/Western star Lease adds punch to this fast moving auto racing yarn. He’s cast as Larry Evans, a cocky fellow whose huge success on the track has swelled his ego. “I am the greatest driver in the country,” he casually observes. Larry is attracted to pretty Norma Corbett, daughter Of his auto manufacturer sponsor; he’s also sparring with Eddie De Sylva, a sleazy fellow driver who’s been conspiring with bookies. De Sylva promises that Larry will not finish the next race: the pair are involved in a crack-up, and Larry’s ego and self-confidence are shattered, “I’m gone,” he tells his mechanic pal. “I’m washed up in the only racket I know.” The brooding Larry, who quickly hits the skids, will have lo learn humility-and regain his nerve-if he wants to recapture his prowess on the track, win Norma’s hand, and expose De Sylva, who’s plotting to swindle Corbett. 54 minutes. Auto Racing Drama