Terror Is A Man

2021. TERROR IS A MAN (Blood Creature) (1959-usA). With Francis Lederer, Greta Thyssen, Richard Derr. This scariest of horror films might easily have been titled “Terror Is a Movie.” It opens with a warning: “The picture you are about to see has a scene so shocking that it is necessary to forewarn you. We suggest that the squeamish and faint-hearted close their eyes at the sound of the bell and reopen them when the bell rings again,” We will not tell you the content of that sequence or when it appears. What we will tell you is that it indeed is devilishly gruesome. The story is about happenings on mysterious South Seas Island. Dr. Charles Gerard and his beautiful wife have been residing there for the past two years. The natives have come to regard Gerard as an evil spirit, and for good reason. He has been conducting experiments in which he hopes to “bring about the modification of the species” by altering the evolutionary process. Gerard’s ultimate goal is to become “the father of a new race of man.” He hopes to accomplish this by transÂforming a killer beast into a creature that may resemble a man but which still has the instincts of a rampaging and murderous fiend. The plot is set into motion upon the arrival on the island of William Fitzgerald, the sole survivor of a shipwreck. After recovering from his injuries, Fitzgerald commences questioning the doctor and his wife. The tension slowly and steadily builds as Fitzgerald comes to learn the truth about Gerard and falls under the spell of the lonely and sexually frustrated Mrs. Gerard (who is forever parading about in the skimpiest of costumes). The end result is an A-plus fright flick, which was filmed on location in the Philippines. 89 minutes. Horror