Texas Terror

2481 .TEXAS TERROR (1935-USA). With JOHN WAYNE, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, YAKIMA CANUTT. Enter the Western world of gun-toting rustlers and brave cattle ranchers in this jaw-clenching yarn starring cowboy legend John Wayne. He plays Sheriff John Higgins, whose good friend and surrogate father is Old Dan Matthews of the Lazy M Ranch. One day, Higgins chases a band of thieves to an apparently deserted ranch house. He fires several shots into the house where the crooks are lodged. When the gunfire stops, the young sheriff enters and is stunned to find Matthews’ lifeless body on the floor next to a stolen money bag. The sheriff is so distressed that he turns in his badge and becomes a disheveled “desert rat with the weight of the world on his shoulders” and a mean feeling toward outlaws. A year passes, and Old Dan’s daughter Bess returns from the east to become boss of the Lazy M. As she heads home in a model-T stagecoach, a gang of road agents ambush the driver and steal the express company’s money. Higgins just so happens to be riding in the area. He overtakes the bandits and recovers the money, and re-enters civilization to become the new foreman of the Lazy M. He loves Bess, but tells her “someday you’re gonna hate me.” The details of her father’s death have never been told to Bess until the night of the big Halloween dance. On that fated evening, a member of the gang that has terrorized the area for more than a year makes an irreversible error that will change the future of Higgins and Bess. This thrilling Western melodrama packs a real wallop! 51 minutes. Western