That Uncertain Feeling

207. THAT UNCERTAIN FEELING (1941-USA). Produced and directed by ERNST LUBITSCH. Screenplay by DONALD OGDEN STEWART. With MERLE OBERON, MELVYN DOUGLAS, BURGESS MEREDITH, ALAN MOWBRAY, EVE ARDEN. There’s nothing uncertain about the feeling you’ll get from this movie: pure pleasure. The reasons? Start with the name “ERNST LUBITSCH,” which happens to be a two-word synonym for the finest in elegant, adult comedy. The result is a superb, delicately made concoction for all cinematic appetites. Beautiful Merle Oberon plays a woman who is uncertain about her feelings toward marriage: after six years Of marital bliss, her business-minded husband pays her little attention or respect, and sleeps all night instead Of devoting himself to…well, more appropriate conjugal activities-all Of which gives her a case Of perpetual hiccups! A psychiatrist doesn’t help (she doesn’t care to “meet her inner self” explaining, “I’m a little shy”). To add spice to her life and awaken her husband, she becomes involved with an anarchistic, temperamental pianist, who hates mankind and says “Phooey” lo everything. The husband’s attempts to revive the marriage result only in a hilarious battle with the pianist, the couple’s fumbling effort (because neither really wants it) to get a divorce, and some genuinely surprising plot complications. The “Lubilsch Touch,” a light-as-a-feather subtlety in direction, Often places events Off screen or behind doors, therefore leaving them to our imaginations. Bui plenty also happens on screen, including some lively farce, and sharp satirical thrusts at psychiatry, modem painting and intellectual pretentiousness. Return to the glorious era when filmmakers had respect for audiences – when movies could be sophisticated and genuinely entertaining. 83 minutes. Comedy