There Goes Barder

1639. THERE GOES BARDER (1955-France-ltaly). With EDDIE CONSTANTINE, MAY BRITT, JEAN CARMET. Directed and co-scripted by JACQUES LEMARE (JOHN BERRY). Rugged, American- born Eddie Constantine, who made his mark playing whiskey-soaked, womanizing private eyes French films of the 1950s, is perfectly cast in this tough, taut gangster melodrama. He plays Johnny Jordan, a Bogart-like loner/adventurer whose best and most reliable friend is his gun. Johnny is friends by Moreno, a Sydney Greenstreet-ish fat man who runs guns, and whose shipments are being mysteriously hijacked. Along the way, he rekindles a romance with Gina, a Lauren Bacall clone now wed lo a sadistic cabaret owner, and tangles with a large, varied assortment of hoodlums. There are plenty of flying fists, blazing guns and other assorted mayhem, plus loads of leggy dames to brighten the scenery. The film is directed and co-authored by another American, John Berry, working under the name “Jacques Lemare.” After commencing his directorial career in Hollywood during the mid-1940s, Berry was labeled a Communist before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Now blacklisted, he took off for France, where he continued his career-often working under assumed names, so that his films could be released back home. (So why is John Berry listed as co-author and adaptor in the credits?) 92 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense