They Drive By Night

2807. THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT (1938-England). With EMLYN WILLIAMS. Albert “Shorty” Matthews is one tough customer who is released from prison after serving an eighteen-month stretch. He is unrepentant, and determined to continue his life of petty crime. “What else can I do?” he says, responding to the suggestion that he go straight. However, Shorty is blissfully unaware of what lies before him in this atmospheric and utterly absorbing mystery which is loaded with excitement from its first frames to last. His troubles only begin when he pays a visit to his girlfriend Alice, a dance hall hostess. He enters her apartment and calls her name. She lies in bed. He thinks she is asleep, but quickly realizes that she’s very dead, it just so happens that Alice has been brutally murdered! Shorty knows all-too-well that his status as an ex-con and his presence at the murder scene will combine to make him the primary suspect. Suddenly, all the roughness is gone from Shorty. He is one desperate character because he knows that if he is found guilty of murder, he will end up paying a penalty far greater than a year-and-a-half in stir. As the authorities close in on him, you will wonder how he will not only elude them, but find Alice’s real killer. As you do, you will be glued to your seat! Recommended. Caution; Don’t confuse this movie with the famous Humphrey Bogart-George Raft film of the same name, made two years later. 80 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense