Thirteenth Guest, The

1571. THE THIRTEENTH GUEST (1932-USA). With GINGER ROGERS, LYLETALBOT. Before she became the dance partner of Fred Astaire, and then an Academy Award winning dramatic actress, Ginger Rogers was cast in leading and supporting roles in a dozen-odd films before this. It’s always fun to see Rogers in her pre-Astaire days. It’s a spooky chiller, with no small amount of plot twists and surprises; the setting is a creaky old mansion where, 13 years before, the host of a dinner party suddenly died. The various guests-there were 12 in all, and a 13th who had never arrived-are now summoned to the scene, and the elusive, hooded killer, who is determined to bump them all off. Why did the deceased leave the bulk of his estate to the mysterious 13th guest, whose identity remains unknown? Why is there electricity and a WORKNG TELEPHONE in THE HOUSE, even THOUGH it’S been LONG UNINHABITED? FINALLY, WHO IS THAT 13TH guest, and is he-or she-the killer? Ginger is cast as the daughter of the dead man; Lyle Talbot is the dashing private investigator who’s determined to answer these questions. 67minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense