Thunder In The Desert

2823. THUNDER IN THE DESERT (1938-USA). With BOB STEELE. Bob Radford is bumming his way out west in a boxcar. Bob is not your average homeless man who is traveling aimlessly. In fact, he has come out west for a specific reason. I’ve got a job to do,” he tells his pal Rusty. “It means a lot to me.” They find themselves chased and shot at by a sheriff and deputy and rescued by a band of outlaws. Bob and Rusty are summarily taken to be fellow lawbreakers by the desperadoes, whose leader is a slimy character named Reno. Reno has been conspiring to lay claim to the Circle R ranch. When Bob asks Reno why he is so preoccupied with the Circle R, he is told, “quit askin’ questions. They’re bad for your health.” At the same time. Bob notices that a gun in Reno’s hideout has on it the initials “J.R.” Bob informs Rusty that the Circle R used to be owned by his uncle, whose initials were “J.R,” He was murdered three months earlier, and had left the ranch to Bob in his will. The “job” Bob is so anxious to complete will prove to be no easy task. First, he wants to find and bring to justice his uncle’s killer. Then, he will lay claim to the Circle R. Bob and Rusty hatch a scheme which they hope will accomplish Bob’s goals, and the result is a diverting western drama that is jam-packed with shooting six-guns, galloping horses and other chills and thrills. 55 minutes. Western