Tombstone Canyon

3046. TOMBSTONE CANYON (1932-USA). With KEN MAYNARD, BOB “BAZOOKA” BURNS, CECILIA PARKER. Popular cowboy movie idol Ken Maynard lends his considerable presence to this entertaining western adventure. He plays Ken Mason, a cowpoke trying to visit his friend Luke Waley. Luke had written Ken a letter in which he vowed to disclose the identity of Ken’s parents. “I’ll tell you who you really are,” Luke noted. He also added, “I can’t say no more in writin’ cause I’m being watched….” As Ken first gallops through Tombstone Canyon he finds himself target practice for a trio of hombres. While Ken and these varmints shoot it out, a pretty, sharpshooting cowgirl named Jenny Lee comes to his assistance and the outlaws vamoose. Ken and Jenny barely have introduced themselves when a horrifying noise pierces the air. Jenny explains that it is the cry of the Phantom Killer: the sound which gives Tombstone Canyon its name. Whenever the cry is heard, somebody always dies. Lately the victims have been connected in one way or another to the Lazy S outfit. Next, Ken and Jenny discover the corpse of Luke Waley rotting in his cabin. Ken now is faced with several questions which must be answered – and answered pronto. Why was he being shot at as he galloped into Tombstone Canyon? Who’s killed Luke? Most compelling of all, who is the Phantom Killer? 59 minutes. Western