Tong-Man, The

2210. The Tong-Man (1919-USA). With SESSUE HAYAKAWA. This tense and atmospheric drama unfolds in San Francisco’s Chinatown, depicted as a locale whose placid daytime exterior sleepily cloaks its crafty and evil intrigues. Various characters become intertwined in a complex and absorbing narrative. Luk Chan (well played by exotic Sessue Hayakawa) is an opium smuggler and outcast who is the most feared assassin of the notorious Bo Sing Tong. This tong is the most powerful and dreaded of Chinatown’s secret societies which deal in blackmail and murder. Ming Tai heads the Bo Sing Tong. He is at once greedy and merciless; for good reason he is known as “The Spider Of Chinatown.” Ming orders Luk to murder Louie Toy, a merchant whose wealth has derived from trafficking in opium and who resists paying protection money to the tong. The only trouble is, Luk is in love with Louie’s daughter Sen Chee. Will he be able to follow instructions and slay the father of his beloved? Ming gives Luk a choice. He either must kill Louie or else be the one to die. Hold onto your seats at the finale, which is one long and spine-tingling action sequence. “Silent” film with music score. 57 minutes. “Silent” Crime Mystery Suspense