Tonight For Sure

935. TONIGHT FOR SURE (196I-USA). COLOR. Produced and directed by FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA. Music composed and conducted by CARMEN COPPOLA. Featuring ELECTRA, EXOTIA, LAURA CORÂNELL, KARLA LEE and SUE MARTIN. Coppola’s very first film, produced while still attending UCLA. The story is set in “August, 196!Ñsomewhere on the Sunset Strip”. It is about two gentlemen from Southern California who have but one objectiveÑto stamp out indecent feminine exposure. To this end they clandestinely meet and start a device that will turn Off all lights in a strip-tease night club exactly at midnight. While wailing for twelve o’clock, they each tell Of how naked women have caused (hem and their friends Brief and trouble. It’s all an excuse to show a bevy Of naked ladies stripping and doing their “thing” and running through the desert “au nalurel.” Not a slag movie by any means, but Coppola obviously learned early that there’s nothing like a naked lady to attract attention and make people want to come to see your movie. 66 minutes. Exploitation Comedy