Topper Returns

47. TOPPER RETURNS (1941-usa). With Roland young, joan blondell, carole land, BILLIE BURKE, DENNIS O’KEEFE, PATSY KELLY, GEORGE ZUCCO, H.B. WARNER, EDDIE “ROCHESTER’ ANDERSON. Cosmo Topper is back, in the third and final film Of the classic comedy-mystery series. This time he and a wisecracking female ghost try to discover exactly who bumped her Off. Their investigation takes them into a haunted house, complete with a malevolent butler, a weird housekeeper straight out Of “Rebecca,” a black-cloaked figure who mysteriously appears and disappears, a falling chandelier, a false wall concealing secret passages, and a trap door (into which Topper’s chauffeur, “Rochester,” falls, leading him down a chute and into an underground river guarded by a viciously playful seal). Things get so scary that Rochester exclaims that even working for Mr. Benny would be better! Lots Of dark humor, genuinely exciting thrills, and jolting surprises. The special effects are excellent, as are the performances by a delightful all-star cast. Macabre comÂedy at its very best. 88 minutes. Comedy