Tower Of Screaming Virgins

1510. TOWER OF SCREAMING VIRGINS (1968-West Germany). COLOR. Adapted from a novel by ALEXANDRE DUMAS. Sex and swordplay are the stars of this swashbuckling adventure that, in its livelier moments, gloriously lives up to its trash-camp title. Said title refers to a notorious tower of sin, supposedly ruled by a mysterious, wicked witch. She lures handsome young noblemen into her boudoir, makes love to them, and then has them murdered by her hooded accomplices. It rapidly becomes apparent that this combination bitch goddess/dragon lady is none other than the Queen of France! There’s plenty of crossed swords and derring do, particularly when she tangles with an irreverent hero, who’s a combination Zorro/Captain Blood/Don Juan. There’s also no shortage of nudity and sexual hijinks. At one point, Her Majesty stands naked before a young artist “I would like to paint you the way god made you,” he begs her. “How do you know the devil didn’t make me?” is her somber response. As you can see, this is very loosely adapted from Dumas. Dubbed in English- masked scope conversion. 89 minutes Exploitation Adventure