Tower Of Terror

2486. TOWER OF TERROR (1941 -England). With WILFRED LAWSON, MICHAEL RENNIE, MOVITA. Here is a heart-stopping World War II espionage thriller that takes place at the Weslerrode Lighthouse. The mighty structure sits on an island in the North Sea, just three miles off the coast of Nazi Germany. Lighthouse keeper Wolfe Kristan has a reputation for crazy behavior. Kristan once had a beautiful wife, but she is said to have drowned in a squall sixteen years earlier. The silent widower continually buys wreaths of fresh flowers in her memory. Yet do not forget for a moment that Kristan can be a dangerous man. Many years before, he lost his right hand. In its place, he wears a sharp metal hook. At the nearby town’s lavem, he drinks great amounts of liquor and then brawls with the local men. With a hook for a hand, the results can be deadly! Two strangers enter the lonely life of this eccentric man. The first is Marie Durand. She is a pretty young woman who has been hiding in the back of a Nazi transport truck. When a Nazi soldier spots her and shoots at her, she dives off the pier and is saved from the cold sea water by Kristan in his rowboat. He takes her to the lighthouse. There, his perverted mind believes she is his long-lost wife. The second stranger is English spy Anthony Hale, who poses as the new assistant. As the suspenseful story unfolds, these two strangers will have to defy many life-threatening dangers from their Nazi pursuers. The sensational finale will surprise even the most experienced moviegoers. 77 minutes. Drama