Tribute: Mercury, Gemeni, Apollo and Skylab, The

2490. THE TRIBUTE: MERCURY, GEMINI, APOLLO and SKYLAB (1967-1975-USA) COLOR. Four films produced by NASA (The National Aeronautical and Space Administration), showing America’s conquest of space.
1. THE WORLD WAS THERE (1975). Narrated by ALEXANDER SCOURBY. The beginnings of Project Mercury and the flight of ALAN SHEPARD and JOHN GLENN.
2. LEGACY OF GEMINI (1967). The development of the two-man spacecraft, the prelude to the Apollo flights.
3. TIME OF APOLLO (1975). Narrated by BURGESS MEREDITH. The story of mankind’s first journey to the moon.
4. FOUR RMS., EARTH VIEW (T975). Narrated by E.G. MARSHALL. The story of Skylab, the first American-manned space station.
113 minutes total. Documentary