Trouble In Texas

1275.TROUBLE IN TEXAS (1937-usa). WITH Tex Ritter, Rita Cansino (Hayworth), Yakima CANUTT. Tex Ritter, one of the movies’ all-time great singing cowboys, is the only entertainer ever to be elected to both the Cowboy and Country Music Hall of Fame. Rita Cansino was, in 1937, a teen-age starlet who had not yet changed her name to Hayworth and garnered fame as one of filmdomÕs sexiest, most desirable stars. They appear together in this entertaining oater, along with the great cowboy stuntman Yakima Canutt. It seems that every lime some “promoters” have anything to do with a rodeo, all the promising first prize contestants mysteriously die. A young woman (Cansino) goes undercover as a saloon entertainer, to find out how these rodeo racketeers operate. Ritter is cast as a cowboy-singer whose late brother was victimized by this gang five years before. He’s been out chasing rodeos around the country ever since, and will continue until he gets what he’s after-the killers. Along the way, there’s no shortage of riding, roping, bucking broncos and other rodeo action. 60 minutes. Western