1648. TUNDRA (1936-USA). With DEL CAMBRE. Directed by NORMAN DAWN. The Alaskan Tundra, a “mighty wilderness…Of snow and grassy marshes, eternal glaciers and green forests abounding with life and sudden death,” stretches a thousand miles from the Yukon to the Arctic Ocean. The invention Of the airplane allowed for the area’s exploration by outsiders; this exciting, beautifully photographed adventure drama chronicles the fate Of one young man, known to all simply as the “Flying Doctor,” who treks Off in his small plane to such intriguingly named sites as Solitude Bay to tend to the sick. The plot is set in motion when the physician flies to minister to a remote, pestilence-ridden village, and he ends up fighting for his own survival when his plan crashes. The director, Norman Dawn, shot the film on location: the faces Of the natives, the glaciers and ice-falls, the bears and goals and foxes and seals and antelopes are all authentic. 72 minutes. Adventure-Drama