Tunnel, The

1293. THE TUNNEL (TRANSATLANTIC TUNNEL) (1935-England).With RICHARD DIX, LESLIE BANKS, C. AUBRE SMITH. A star-studded cast and magnificent futuristic sets make this a standout adventure. A brilliant engineer dedicates his life to building an enormous, tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean from England to the United States. “I believe my work will bring peace to the world,” he proclaims. The world’s wealthiest oil tycoons and armaments manufacturers back the plan, and work begins. In the years that follow, he becomes a man obsessed with the completion of the work. His marriage deteriorates as a result; his wife becomes blinded by “tunnel sickness” and their only son dies in a tunnel explosion. In an exciting sequence, veteran actors GEORGE ARLISS and WALTER HUSTON make special appearances as the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the President of the United Stales, respectively. The Tunnel was critically acclaimed for its clever inventions, such as “televisors” (telephones for seeing the person to whom one speaks), radium drills, ultrawave television and broadcasting systems, and a helicopter that flies over oceans. A glimpse of things to come! 71 minutes. Science Fiction