Twenty-Three Skiddoo

1862. TWENTY-THREE SKIDDOO! (1923-1927 usa) billy bevan, vernon dent, lenore summers, thelma hill, paul parrott (james parrott), jobyna ralston, eddie quillan, madeline hurlock, barney hellum, ruth taylor. “SILENT” COMEDIES from the roaring twenties!
1. Hoboken to Hollywood (1926-USA). With billy bevan, vernon dent, lenore summers, thelma hill. Produced by mack sennett. The boss of oafish Billy Judkins orders him to relocate lo Sunny California. He sets out in his jalopy, with his wife and mother in tow, and finds himself in zany situation after zany situation. Vernon Dent plays Billy’s equally inept fellow traveler, whose true identity will come as quite a shock to our hapless hero.
2. Paste and Paper (1923-USA). With paul parrott (james parrott), jobyna ralston. Produced by hal roach. A wealthy lady and her pert daughter are expecting house guests, and decide to re-paper their living room wall. To their dismay, a hilariously incompetent apprentice paperhanger is sent along to assist on the fob. Parrott is especially funny as he transforms a simple ladder into an ingenious (and quite dangerous) comic prop. By the way, Parrott was better known as the director of many Laurel and Hardy comedies under his real name, James Parrott. He’s also the brother of, and bears a striking resemblance to, the one and only Charley Chase.
3. The College Kiddo (1927-usa). With eddie quinlan, madeline hurlock, barney hellum, ruth taylor. Produced by mack sennett. The setting of this Roaring Twenties laugh riot is Western College, where “men are men and girls are added distractions.” Eddie Quillan plays Eddie Dunn, a callow youth who’s managed to remain a freshman for four years. Madeline Hurlock is the sister of Eddie’s rival, who complains that heÕll flunk if he doesn’t pass an upcoming examination. Loyal sis, who “knows her professors,” pilfers the test questions and plants them on an unsuspecting Eddie Dunn (whose surname may as well be “Dunce”). “Silent” films with original organ score, correct projection speed. 57 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies