Two Gun Man From Harlem

2365. TWO GUN MAN FROM HARLEM (1938-usa). WITH Herbert Jeffrey (Herb JEFFRIES), CLARENCE BROOKS, MANTAN MORELAND, STYMIE BEARD, SPENCER WILLIAMS. A top-notch cast adds just the right zing to this cleverly plotted all-black-cast Western. Jeffrey stars as a singing cowboy/ranch employee, Bob Blake. Bob meets pretty Sally Thompson and her talkative brother Jimmy, who have just moved into the area with their father. A budding romance between Bob and Sally is interrupted when Bob’s boss is gunned down in cold blood upon discovering his wife in the arms of another. The adulteress switches the murder weapon with Bob’s gun and accuses Bob of the dastardly deed. How will he come to prove his innocence and identify the real culprit? Suffice to say that Bob’s quest will lead him far from his Wyoming roots and all the way to Harlem and an encounter with his lookalike, a rough and tough hombre known as ÒThe Deacon.” Jeffrey displays his versatility as he does double duty in his roles as Bob Blake and The Deacon, while Moreland and Beard are a pleasure to watch as Bob’s ranch cook buddy and young Jimmy Thompson. 60 minutes. ÒAll BlackÓ Western