Two Reelers Comedy Classics

2618. TWO-REELERS-COMEDY CLASSICS #12 (1929-1952-USA).
1. TRIMMED IN FURS (1934-USA). A wife wants a new $2500 fur coat, Just like the one her friend has. Her husband proposes to get one “at cost” by borrowing a shotgun and setting out on a hunting trip. Complications occur when a temperamental actress arrives on the scene, in search of peace and quiet. However, the funniest of all these nutty characters is “Lizzie The Moose.” She’s a real hoot!
2. THE GOLFERS (1929-USA). With ANDY CLYDE, HARRY GRIBBON. Directed by MACK SENNETT. Pert Winnie Martin is hot to get a golf lesson from handsome Charlie. In spite of this, her father would rather steer her in the romantic direction of George Palooka, “one of the biggest oil men in the West.” Pop Martin has invited the boorish Palooka on a golfing expedition with Winnie and Charlie. The result is a day on the links you won’t soon forget.
3. LOST IN A TURKISH BATH (1952-USA). With GIL LAMB. Funny-faced comic Lamb is a riot as Slim Harris, newly hired as a canary salesman. He is all aflutter, as the job will enable him to afford to wed his girl. Before this can come to pass, Slim must contend with assorted obstacles. One is an ornery canary. Another is his true love’s insanely jealous boyfriend. A third is a new female boss with a potentially disastrous romantic inclination. 54 minutes total. Comedy