Two Wise Maids

2782. TWO WISE MAIDS (1937-USA). With ALISON SKIPWORTH, POLLY MORAN, DONALD COOK, JACKIE SEARL, LILA LEE, MARCIA MAE JONES, MAXIE ROSENBLOOM. Amid the many sappy portraits of old-maid school teachers, here is a delightful change of pace. This heartfelt comedy-drama will have you laughing and crying at the same time as you follow the escapades of Agatha Stanton, a gritty veteran teacher warmly nicknamed “Old Lady Ironsides,” After thirty-five years of service, the Board of Education chooses to disregard Agatha’s seniority and place young Bruce Arnold in the position of principal of P.S. 137 in order to make the school more modem, Principal Arnold’s first request is for Agatha’s retirement because he prefers to have “younger, more flexible personnel.” Furthermore, the Board warns that if Agatha raises a fuss she may forfeit her pension.”Gentlemen, I love a good scrap,” she declares. Thus, a powerful contest of wills begins. As Agatha strains to keep her job, the demand of teaching a bunch of rowdy inner-city kids makes each day a powder keg of excitement. One child is a thief, while another destroys property in the neighborhood. Worst of all is a crybaby tallletale (played to perfection by Jackie Searl). With the police pressuring to pul her troublesome pupils in reform schools and the Board looking for her resignation, “Old Lady Ironsides” wages the most challenging fight of her lifetime. We award this film a crunchy, shiny red apple for showing the kind of spirit and punch a good teacher can muster! 53 minutes. Drama