Undersea Kingdom

276. UNDERSEA KINGDOM (1936-USA). 12 Episode Republic Serial. With RAY (CRASH) CORRIGAN, LOIS WILDE, MONTE BLUE, WILLIAM FARNUM, SMILEY BURNETTE, LON CHANEY JR. Fiendish forces from the Lost Continent of Atlantis threaten the very existence of our planet! It all starts with a series of devastating earthquakes, apparently caused by a signal emanating from the ocean’s depths. Investigating this mysterious and deadly phenomeÂnon, an intrepid team of adventurers-led by heroic navy man and all-around athlete Ray (Crash) Corrigan-travel by submarine to Atlantis. They find themselves in the midst of a cataclysmic war between the benevolent high priest and the treacherous Unga Khan, who hopes to become ruler of the undersea kingdom, Khan, who has also been causing alt the earthquakes, intends to use atomic power (in 1936!) to lift his fortress to the ocean’s surface, where he can more effectively terrorize the earth’s inhabitants until they submit to his awesome power. To save civilization from the wrath of Khan, Crash pole-vaults, swings on ropes, rides horses, walks on wires, does plenty of crashing, and leads the high priest’s army in spectacular battles. In this peculiar world, ancient weapons such as bows and arrows, spears, swords and catapults arc used alongside armored tanks, explosives, robots, ray gun disintegrators and even guided missiles. How did Atlantis survive so many centuries? Apparently the inhabitants placed a roof over the entire continent! UnfortunaÂtely, there’s never any sign of this roof, and in fact there’s very little to indicate that this is occurring thousands of feet below sea level. (The sun shines brightly throughout.) But even though the plot doesn’t hold much water, you’ll enjoy the clever surprises, exciting action and cliffhanging suspense of this engrossing serial adventure. 223 minutes. Serial