Unknown World

1984. UNKNOWN WORLD (1951-usa). WITH Bruce Kellogg, Marilyn Nash, Jim BANNON, VICTOR KILIAN. This gripping science-fiction drama deals with pressing issues facing mankind in the wake of the emergence of nuclear power. Back in the early 1950s, no one could say what impact A-bomb or H-bomb explosions and the harnessing of nuclear energy would have on the future of the world. One fact was certain: mankind stood not only at the threshold of a new era, but at a crucial crossroads of history. Atomic power could make possible a way of life that would be more productive and abundant for citizen and scientist alike. At the same time, it might pose a threat to the very future of civilization. This last scenario deeply concerns Dr. Jeremiah Morley, famed geologist and head of “The Society To Save Civilization.” Morley contends that a series of atomic explosions could set off a chain reaction that would annihilate all mankind. So the geologist has developed an ingenious plan to preserve human life. He and his colleagues construct an elaborate burrowing device called a Cyclotram, which they board and subsequently use to plow deep into the earth’s core. The object of their journey is to find a “promised land” that would serve as a haven for humaniÂty in case of nuclear war. The crux of the film highlights this voyage, which is crammed with personÂality and philosophical conflicts and no shortage of tension and intrigue. 74 minutes. Science Fiction