Unseen Enemies

2869. UNSEEN ENEMIES (1925-USA). With AL HOXIE. Popular cowboy star AI Hoxie headlines this fast-paced shoot-em-up. He plays “Happened Along” Meredith, a two-fisted cowpoke who always manages to find himself on the trail of trouble. With his trusty sidekick “Doughnut” Casey, Meredith approaches a rough-and-tumble western burg known as Bordertown. Here, “Bingo” Strook and his gang of varmints, who are involved in border smuggling have, until now, been able to elude the Texas Rangers. Meredith comes to realize that Strook exercises a mysterious influence over the nearby Davenport ranch. Its legitimate heirs are a pair of young boys. Onto the scene comes their Aunt Alice, who hopes to ensure that they are not gypped out of the property. Meanwhile, Strook is assisted in no small way by Laura Stribling, who plays a key role in his far-reaching criminal organization and who makes it all-too apparent that Meredith’s presence in the area is unwanted. You’ll find no shortage of ridin’ and ropin’, gunplay and fisticuffs and surprises in this entertaining western adventure. “Silent” film with music score. 38 minutes. “Silent” Western