Vampire, The

2158. THE VAMPIRE (1957-Mexico). A terrifying horror tale whose mysterious title character is simÂply and accurately described as “nuts…a strange guy…who’d be better off in a booby hatch.” He is Count Duval, and he has concocted an elaborate scheme, which will result in the resurrection of his long-dead brother Lavud (which of course is “Duval” spelled backwards). Lavud is buried within the confines of a creepy and run-down mansion that has just been partially inherited by a pretty young thing named Marta. For Duval’s plan to come to pass, he must possess this property. Marta’s late aunt had owned it. She soon learns that the aunt had desperately feared that a vampire was lying in wait for her, wanting to suck her blood. Will Marta soon be experiencing the same terror? She is surÂrounded by several mysterious characters, all of whom have hidden agendas and play key roles in the story. They include her Aunt Eloise, who for some unexplained reason has stopped aging. Henry is a stranger on the scene who describes himself as a salesman but really is a doctor-travelling incogÂnito. Boris, Duval’s assistant, has the face of a madman and a voice that is a dead ringer for that of Bela Lugosi. Regarding the specifics of Duval’s plan, all you need to know is that one of its key eleÂments involves the arrival from Hungary of a crate filled with cemetery dirt! Dubbed in English. 84 minutes. Horror