Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet

2254. VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET (1965-usa). Color. WITH Basil RATHBONE, FAITH DOMERGUE. The year is 2020. The moon has been explored and colonized. The next phase of humankind’s search for intelligent life on other planets is about to begin: the first landing of a group of space explorers on the planet Venus. Scientists are particularly hopeful that some form of human life will be found on this planet, where so many of the physical conditions are similar to those ON Earth. Three rocket ships are in the final stages of their journey and are rapidly approaching their destination. However, the mission is fated to be anything but peaceful. Given the film’s title, you can be certain that upon landing on Venus the astronauts will definitely not be greetÂed by happy and friendly Venusians. This intriguing adventure fantasy is a science fiction lover’s delight. The special effects are first-rate, with the various prehistoric creatures especially well done. Much of the footage was culled from an impressively mounted 1962 Russian-made science fiction epic. Plus, it’s fun to see Basil Rathbone in one of his last screen roles. He is cast as Professor Hartman, mastermind of the expedition. 74 minutes. Science Fiction