Walking Nightmare, A; Living Ghost, The

1800. A WALKING NIGHTMARE (The Living Ghost) (1942-usa). With James DUNN, JOAN WOODBURY. Here’s an entertaining whodunit, which is sparked by a you’ll-never- guess-who-did-it scenario and a fine performance by its star, James Dunn. A local financier, Walter Craig, has mysteriously disappeared. The police are stumped, so brash, fast-talking Nick Trayne, an ex-private investigator, is called in on the case. Trayne has chosen to forsake the world of sleuthing for a less demanding career as a “professional listener”; he lends his ear to other peoples’ problems, and earn”; two bucks a head for his patience. The detective readily un-retires himself after having his crime-solving abilities maligned-and after hearing how much he will be earning for his work. Trayne promptly moves into the Craig mansion, which is large enough to be housing the odd lot of snobs, egomaniacs, conspirators, tattletales and flat-out weirdos which comprise the missing man’s inner circle. Before Trayne can even interrogate any of the aforementioned, Craig is found-but he’s barely alive and in an eerie, death-like trance. Will he be revived? How did he come to get in this condition? Who put him there? What is the villain’s motive? Finally, exactly who is the villain-or villains? 61 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense