Warning From Space

1939. WARNING FROM SPACE (1956-Japan). COLOR. A group of aliens, resembling overÂsized starfish with gigantic eyes at their centers, is set to arrive on earth in their flying saucers. Who are they? What do they want? Are they peaceful, or warlike? Will their presence ultimately result in the destruction of the world? These are the questions to be dealt with in this vivid science fiction adventure. The aliens have decided that the islands of Japan are the ideal spot for their landing, and that scientists “are the ones to conquer first, especially the one called Professor Komura.” Komura is a weary but dedicated astronomer whose research staff may be found constantly gazing at the heavens through their telescopes. One of his assistants is the first to sight the flying saucers hurtling towards Earth. As the unsuspecting Japanese go about their daily business, mysterious, luminous bodies begin landing in various locations throughout the country. One shows up in Komura’s house and frightens his daughter, while another disrupts a stage show. One can only imagine what will happen nextÉ dubbed into English. 89 minutes. Science Fiction