Wartime Combat: A Brittish View

2462. WARTIME COMBAT: A BRITISH VIEW (1943-1944-England).
1. DESERT VICTORY (1943-England). Directed by ROY BOULTING. Produced by The Army Film Unit and Royal Air Force. This outstanding war documentary chronicles the fiercely fought battles for the control of Egypt and Libya during World War II. In August of 1942, Winston Churchill appointed Generals Alexander and Montgomery commanders of the North African campaign. Montgomery’s troops travelled 1400 miles in eighty days to eradicate the enemy Axis Afrika Korps lead by Field Marshal Rommel, the infamous “Desert Fox.” The remarkable land and aerial footage includes bloody battle scenes of Great Britain’s Eighth Army attacking the enemy forces. There are up-close shots of torpedoes being launched from submarines and bombs dropping from British planes. Battling their way from El-Alamein to Tobruk to Tripoli, the victorious British armies force Rommel and his men into East Tunisia. It is amazing to be an eyewitness to the courageous and decisive combat victories which paved the way for the total defeat of Nazism in North Africa.
2. CAMERAMEN AT WAR (1944-England). Compiled by LEN LYE. Famed film animator Len Lye created this exciting live-action compilation as a tribute to the brave men who withstood storms of shrapnel to capture on film the story of the Second World War. Aboard freezing Arctic convoys and atop military trucks driving through intense desert heat, these front-line cameramen shoot pictures under the most challenging conditions. Some suffer no more than a smashed tripod while others lose their lives in the line of duty. Using rare and memorable footage from the archives of London’s Imperial War Museum, shots of these cameramen and their historic footage are presented to show the dangers by which the events of war are recorded. 75 minutes total. Documentary