Wedding Of Palo, The

1251. THE WEDDING OF PALO (1935-Denmark). Directed by FRIEDRICH DALSHElM, KNUD RASMUSSEN. Dr. Knud Rasmussen, the famed Danish explorer, was filming a documentary on Eskimo life in the Angmagssalik district of Greenland when he passed away in 1933, and The Wedding of Palo is what remains of his effort. There’s a scenario here, telling of rivalry between a couple of Eskimo hunters as they compete for the hand of the same girl. However, the film is mostly a detailed record of Eskimo society in this part of the world: how they hunt, fish, cook, feast, and generally get along. The film is highlighted by a battle between the two feuding hunters, “fight” that is better seen than described. The “New York Times” called The Wedding of Palo” one of the most accurate, absorbing and truly dramtic native pictures we have seen. In itself it is a splendid monument to Greenland’s greatest historian.” 72 minutes. Documentary