West-Bound Limited, The

228. THE WEST-BOUND LIMITED (1923-usa). With johnny harron, ella hall, Claire MCDOWELL. “Little known- rarely praised, seldom thought of except to blame-yet all responsibility is theirs. So to come to know them as they are, apart from the soulless mechanism which their sturdy hands control: The Railroad. This is our storyÑand theirs.” A romantic adventurer, Johnny Buckley daringly rescues the company presidentÕs daughter from certain death, as a train is about to hit her and the two fall in love. With the aid of his father, Johnny, saves her from a fate worse than death, when he interrupts the lustful advances of the railroad’s general advisor. To get even with the Buckleys, the thoroughly evil advisor hires a blackmailer (and all-purpose bad guy) to tamper with signal lights, so that the train driven by Johnny’s dad will collide with the one carrying the company’s president-and Johnny who operates the signals, would be blamed! Realizing what is happening, Johnny rides like lightning on his horse, desperate attempt to reach the trains and avert disaster. And as the mighty locomotives move relentlessly toward each other, the villain moves in on the helpless heroine. The tightly-paced crosscutting creates a suspenseful last-minute rescue sequence worthy of D.W. Griffith, and the surprising ways that both seemingly hopeless situations are resolved make for a shattering conclusion. The thrilling days when the railroad was king come alive in a first-rate romance melodrama. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed, 81 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Railroad Melodrrama