West Of The Divide

1093. WEST OF THE DIVIDE (1934-USA). With JOHN WAYNE, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES and YAKIMA CANUTT. In one of a series of B westerns he did for Lone Star, Wayne plays a young cowboy who impersonates an outlaw in order to hunt down his father’s killer (a villainous land-grabber) and find his missing younger brother. He saves a proud rancher and his feisty daughter along the way. Wayne wears a black hat but rides a white horse. His laconic charm and distinctive walk are already evident in the lanky young actor. Famed stunt man Yakima Canutt provides some exciting action, notably a boy’s terrifying ride on a runaway wagon. Of course, Wayne dukes it out with the bad guys and wins the gutsy heroine. Good, old-fashioned Saturday matinee fun. 53 minutes. Western