West Of The Law

1262. WEST OF THE LAW (1942-usa). With “The Rough Riders” (Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, RAYMOND HATTON). This trio was cast as United States marshals -The Rough RidersÑworking undercover to expose; the nefarious activities of a cowboy gang harassing the honest, peace-loving seniors in Gold Creek. Jones’ character was usually highlighted, with McCoy his trusted pal and Hatton along for comic relief. A crusty old newspaper editor has been publishing stories headlined “Outlaw Terror Sweeps Gold Creek,” “Bandits Steal Gold Shipment” and ÒRustlers Wipe Out Diamond D Stock.” For his efforts, his office is mysteriously dynamited-and it’s the Rough Riders to the rescue. You know that, by the final reel, all villainy will he exposed and defeated because, after all, “when the Rough Riders ride, bewareÉthe Rough Riders never fail.” 58 minutes. Western