Wheel Meet Again

1785. WHEEL MEET AGAIN (1956-1966-USA). PARTIAL COLOR. Ah…for the good old days when men were men and cars had tail fins! A great collection of Fords, Chevies, Plymouths, Buicks, Dodges, Oldsmobiles, trucks and lots more. Back in the days when “bigger was better,” you could watch the Ramblers, Renault Dauphines, and the VW Bugs drive across your TV screen. There’d be high-octane gasolines, high-traction tires, and high-silhouette Jane Russell giving away 1964 Cadillacs! (Cars aren’t the only things not made like they used to!) Kids race Mercedes 300 Gullwings around a slot car track, Capt. Midnight discovers that all champion race drivers drink Ovaltine, and Hertz puts you in the driver’s seatl 59 minutes. Television