When Knights Were Bold

132. WHEN KNIGHTS WERE BOLD (1936-ENGLAND). WITH fay wray, jack buchanan. The 20th century meets (or should we say collides with?) The 15th, in this charming comedy Of manners. Upon inheriting an estate. Sir Guy de Vere returns to England from India, and promptly incurs the wrath Of various relatives residing in his castle. Some Of them believe they’re the rightful heirs; others resent Sir Guy’s lack Of etiquette, his use Of slang, and his drinking with the common folk, Disdaining his modern behavior, lovely cousin Rowena longs nostalgically for the good old days, when men were noble and chivalrous-Òwhen knights were bold.” Sir GuyÕs gift, a monkey, doesn’t he (maybe because this lady is Fay Wray, who’s presumably had her fill Of monkeys). Desperate Guy arranges to have her fall into a pond, so he can prove his chivalry by rescuing her; but the plan backfires when the wrong relatives end up the water. A falling suit Of armor knocks Guy unconscious, and he has an elaborate dream in which he’s back in the 1400s. This witty variation on A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court includes some unexpected musical number and makes sharp satirical thrusts. Cinematography by E.A. (FREDDIE) YOUNG, who would photograph Lawrence Of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, and, appropriately, Ivanhoe and Knights Of the Round Table. Return lo merrie olde England, when knighthood was in flower, and maidens lost their heads! 55 minutes. Comedy