When The West Was Young; Heritage Of The Desert

1508. WHEN THE WEST WAS YOUNG (Heritage of the Desert) (1932-usa). With Randolph SCOTT, SALLY BIANE, “BIG BOY” WILLIAMS. Directed by HENRY HATHAWAY. Based on a novel by ZANE GREY. Whether directing dramas, mysteries or action epics, Henry Hathaway was one of Hollywood’s solid, proficient craftsmen. As his filmography will attest, he was at his best when making Westerns: in fact, this rich, atmospheric Western saga, is his very first credit as director. His star is a strikingly young Randolph Scott, the lanky rugged actor best recalled for his dozens of Western performances, Scott is cast as Jack Hare, a surveyor, who arrives from the East to work for Adam Naab, an honest rancher. Naab’s property remains the last in the valley not controlled by Judson Holderness, a cattleman whose vast empire has been accumulated by land grabbing and killing. Holderness has been unable to purchase the property, so he’s planning to get it by manipulating Naab’s weak-willed son Snap. While all this is happening, Hare gets used to ranch life, falls for lovely JudyÑwho is engaged to wed Snap-and attempts to thwart Holderness’ scheme. After viewing When the West was Young, you will know why the trio of Hathaway, Scott and Grey is tough to top when it comes to high voltage Western entertainment 58 minutes. Western