When Thief Meets Thief

2007. WHEN THIEF MEETS THIEF (1957-England). With douglas Fairbanks, jr., valerie hobson, alan hale, ian fleming. The first thief in this pleasing romantic drama is Ricky Morgan, a worldly and crafty cat burglar. The other is Jim Dial, who is also known as Colones Charles Fane, Respectable London stockbroker. The difference between the two is that the unrepenÂtant Dial is quite capable of blackmail and murder while Morgan is willing to give up the criminal life for the love of a beautiful woman. She is Glory Howard, well known in society circles as a self- absorbed spendthrift and “the girl who gets engaged once a year.” Glory is in fact set to wed Fane, while unaware of his identity as Dial and the fact that he and Morgan are ex-partners and bitter eneÂmies Morgan and Glory fall instantly in love when she catches him robbing her apartment. She realizes that she has found the one man who can offer her true happiness and promptly breaks her engagement; Doug Jr. gets to execute some impressive physical derring do that is reminiscent of the swashbuckling heroics his dad performed on screen in an earlier era. 60 minutes. Drama