Where’s My Man Tonight

2554. WHERE’S MY MAN TO-NITE (Marching On) (1942-USA). With THE ORIGINAL BROWNSKIN MODELS. Written and directed by SPENCER WILLIAMS. Veteran black filmmaker Spencer Williams did his patriotic bit for recruitment of dark- skinned soldiers by producing this rousing story of one American man’s introduction to the World War II effort. Rodney Tucker, Jr. is a young man with a problem. He resides in a small Texas town where the main topic on every person’s lips is the war. All the other young men in his community are prepared to join the armed forces, but Rodney does not understand that he and every red-blooded American must do their share in the fight for democracy. His grandfather (a World War I veteran who still wears his uniform and medals) is disappointed in what he perceives as Rodney’s cowardice. Rodney’s lovely fiancee Martha, who entertains the troops at recruitment rallies, returns his engagement ring. One day, Rodney receives word that he has been drafted. At boot camp, his marksmanship and discipline are wanting, and he carelessly shoots a cannon during exercises. When he socks his sergeant over a misunderstanding regarding Martha, he is placed under arrest in the barracks. Then, Rodney goes A.W.O.L. and sets out on one of the most thrilling adventures of any lifetime. The result is both a thought-provoking social drama and absorbing and exciting entertainment. 78 minutes. Drama