Whirlwind Horseman

1278. WHIRLWIND HORSEMAN (1938-usa). WITH Ken Maynard, Dave OÕBrien, TARZAN (the horse). Ken Morton and his sidekick Happy are riding the trail in search of Cherokee Jake, an ornery old coot who used to be Ken’s partner. Recently, Cherokee had sent word to Ken that he struck it rich and intends to share the claim. Evildoers also must have learned of Cherokee’s good forÂtune, because the old sourdough suddenly has disappeared. For the past month, the territory has been plagued by barn burning, raiding, killing, and cattle stampeding. The ranchers are terrified of the mysterious menace and hire Ken to catch the crooks. Astride his famous horse Tarzan, wearing a ten- gallon white hat, Ken Maynard heroically rides a blue streak across the Western skies. As he slings lead into the enemies’ hideout, the bandits realize that he is “a bad hombre ta have agin ya.” After several fast paced gun fights and saloon brawls, Ken defeats the bad men and rescues Cherokee from their clutches. The film offers a look at the cinema’s first singing cowboy as a burly, seasoned Western. There are no fancy gimmicks or romantic kisses in the moon light to slow down the plot; WHIRLWIND Horseman is a rousing, straight-shooting Western adventure of the old school! 58 minutes. Western