Who Killed Doc Robbin

902. WHO KILLED DOC ROBBIN? (1948-usa). Color. With Virginia Grey, George ZUCCO and the successors to the “Our Gang” kids. HAL ROACH produced “Our Gang” comedies from 1927 to 1938 (MGM continued issuing them until 1944 and they’ve been seen on TV as “The Little Rascals” ever since), using an ever changing cast Of talented youngsters in some very clever plots. Four years after the last “Our Gang” comedy was finished, Hal Roach tried the formula again, using the same writer-producer who turned out many Of the previous “Our Gangs” (Robert mcgowan), and came up with a 5 reeler in a long an funny tradition. The “Doc” was a sinister fellow up to no good with the new invention Of his associate “Fix- Dan”. Dan’s invention, the “atomic tiring chamber”, blows up the Doc and part Of his house. The Doc’ nurse, Ann, and “Fix-It Dan” are both suspect. “The Gang” visits the abandoned house Of Doc Robbin to try to clear Ann and Dan, and find scary adventures. The colors on this original print are somewhat faded art shift hues slightly from scene to scene, but the chance to see an “Our Gang” comedy in everything but name makes it a minor fault. 50 minutes. Comedy