Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike

938. WHY WE FIGHT # 2: The Nazis Strike (1942-USA). DIRECTED BY FRANK CAPRA AND ANATOLE LITVAK. The second in a seven part series produced by the U.S. War Department and the Signal Corps. The first of the series (“Prelude to War,” cat. # 996) won an Academy Award as best documentary. Starting with Bismarck’s 1863 statement, ‘we will dominate the whole world” the film continues through Germany’s rearmament and the outbreak of war and ends with America’s entry into the European fighting. Somewhat heavy-handed in its use of scenes from “Triumph of the Will” and portraits of Himmler and other Nazi leaders as bloody ax murderers, a balanced even- handed approach would have been surprising. We were, after all.,at war; this was, after all, a propaganda film made by the government. The documentary footage of the Nazis is well put together and assembled, especially the actions of Hitler at the start of war during the Czechoslovakian and Palish invasions,
SCHICHLEGRUBER DOING THE LAMBETH WALK “Assisted by the Gestapo Hep-Cats” (Germany Calling). (1944-England). The closest you’ll ever come to seeing a “Fun Nazi”! Typically British wit has taken newsreel footage of Hitler and marching Nazis and with some very clever editing, set the visuals to a recording of “Lambeth Walk.” a popular tune of the day. Adding appropriate slide whistle and Bronx cheer sound effects, this brief short has got to be the funniest 2.5 minutes of film to come out of the war. 44 minutes total. Documentary