Wild And Woolly

152. WILD AND WOOLY (1917-usa). WITH douglas Fairbanks, Sr. SCRIPT BY ANITA LOOS. Photography by VICTOR FLEMING. Produced and directed by JOHN EMERSON. Fast-moving, witty spoof of westerns, starring the great Douglas Fairbanks in one of his most likable roles. Jeff (Fairbanks), the son of a railroad tycoon, lives and breathes the rugged frontier life of a cowboy; a ‘ “wild and wooly” he-man, he displays equal prowess at riding, roping and shooting six guns. The only problem: Jeff lives in modern (1917) Manhattan! When his father sends him to Bitter Creek, Arizona to* determine whether a railroad spur should be built, Jeff’s wildest fantasies have come true. Actually, the town has firmly entered the 20th century, with autos and other modern conveniences. But to impress Jeff, the citizens put on an elaborate fake appearance-completely redecorating the town, staging holdups and gunfights, and making him think he’s a hero. When a crooked Indian agent uses all of this to perpetrate actual robberies and art Indian attack, Jeff gets the chance to perform brilliantly as a real cowboy hero. Although the film begins as a wry comment on the folly of escaping into fantasy worlds, it ends up by reaffirming the idea-found in many early Fairbanks movies-that frontier life is more authentic than the effete urban world, It also allows Fairbanks to exhibit his unequalled vivaÂcious charm, good humor and athletic ability. An extremely enjoyable and clever satire! “Silent” film with music score, correct projection speed. 90 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Comedy