2825. WILDCAT (1942-USA). With RICHARD ARLEN, ARLINE JUDGE, WILLIAM FRAWLEY, LARRY “BUSTER” CRABBE, ARTHUR HUNNICUTT, ELISHA COOK, JR. Johnny Maverick is an oil man. However, the oil business is strictly a hot and cold business. This explains why Johnny drives a fancy car and wears expensive clothes, but must borrow eighty cents from a young hitchhiker to pay for a tank of gas, Johnny is on his way to the latest and hottest oil strike. Previously, he had worked for others while drilling for oil. His fast boss was a scoundrel named Mike Rawlins, who skipped out on him while owing him a month’s pay. “I’m through breaking my back for guys like Rawlins,” Johnny vows, “From now on if there’s gonna be any drilling for oil it’s gonna be my oil and I’m gonna be the boss.” Johnny is clever and a fast talker. Even though he is flat broke, he is just the right guy to hustle his way into the big time by setting up his own successful wildcat oil rig. In spite of this, old nemesis Mike Rawlins soon appears on the scene. He-and others-just may be formidable roadblocks to Johnny’s prosperity. This larger-than-life melodrama tells the story of rugged men with big dreams who live a rough-and-tumble lifestyle. There is plenty of action and adventure that will keep you riveted to the screen. FiII’er up! 70 minutes. Drama