Wishing Ring, The

2227. THE WISHING RING (1914-USA). With VIVIAN MARTIN. Directed by MAURICE TOURNEUR. This charming “idyll of Old England” is the story of a likable but reckless young college student named Giles Bateson. Giles would much rather carouse with his classmates than turn the page of a textbook. He is summarily expelled from school for “gross misconduct” after one particularly boisterous night with his pals. Giles’ father, the Earl of Bateson, is not amused. Father and son become estranged, with the former not wishing to set eyes upon the latter until he earns a half-crown. Squire Annesley, Giles’ godfather, comes to his rescue. He hires the young man to tend his rose garden while he is away on a trip. Enter a sweet young thing named Sally. She is both the daughter of a poor preacher and the “little rose thief” who has been pilfering flowers from the squire’s garden for her father’s church. Giles and Sally meet as he nabs her in the act. Soon he is a young man hopelessly in love. Sally is more than just a maturing influence on Giles. She learns of his severed relationship with his father and becomes determined to mend the rift. The film is directed with a keen eye for atmosphere by the prolific Maurice Tourneur, one of the most talented and respected of all silent-era filmmakers. “Silent” film with music score. 55 minutes. “Silent” Romance